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The additives have been around a long time in the food industry but also in the tobacco industry, most often identified as “agents texture and flavor.” They are numerous and can be either of natural origin and synthetic.

Optional in the preparation of e-liquids, additives can improve or adjust the taste (enhance the taste of certain aromas, rounding the final e-liquid, to sweeten or to give it a fresh feeling ). However, it is recommended to start from the most simple with only one flavor per recipe and gain experience later during your DIY revenue preparations by adding one or more additives.

The fact that they give a mixture is often quite noticeable and their use can be beneficial in some type of recipe and totally discouraged in another. It is therefore to be used with care, not for any toxicity but because it is essential to remember that an additive, by nature, should “add” something to the recipe and not “do” Recipe !

An additive has a taste, of course! Can be easily used vanillin, sucralose, or malic acid. They add the binder, sweet but never do use them as flavoring. An additive dosed to 40 drops for 10ml is not an additive, it adds nothing, it is necessary. Take ethyl maltol, put in 2 to 4 drops in a mixture of fruits and you will effect the famous “sweet” desired, put 40 drops and you have a pretty disgusting mixture of very sweet indeed and even very bitter time.

Note: A good amount of these additives are already present in certain flavors, such as eugenol in clove aroma, Massoïa in flavorings cream …
Tip: stay in amounts of 1 to 3% of your base liquid mixture + flavoring (s) concentrate (s), additives are usually very powerful.

Almost all of these additives are used by the tobacco industry as agents of texture and flavor. If, for some of them, safety seems obvious, it can not be over for all. But it is the same for certain flavors. We must also remember that “natural” does not mean “non-toxic”!


Boosters and taste softeners

As their name suggests, they can boost or soften the taste too acidic, bland, dry e-liquid, or just add a flavor note in addition (or give sweeten the bitterness). These are not strictly speaking aromas but it resemble much.

Vanillin / ethyl vanillin

Vanillin is from the vanilla pod to which it borrows its special flavor. For cost reasons, one can also synthesize the vanillin from guaiacol or eugenol. It is then ethylvanillin. This is the most widely used additives in the food industry, neither more nor less. For example, a chocolate flavor even contain vanillin, aroma as banana and vanilla flavor too, of course.

Vanillin balances and linking flavor blends by rounding and homogenizing. It is one of the first additives to be used, and one of the simplest. This is a great flavor enhancer that you can simply dose of 2 to 6 drops to 10ml to bring out the flavors of your liquid, be it a mixture of one or more flavors. Vanillin can also be used in more complex by increasing the dosage to bring a light vanilla taste to its e-liquids. Vanillin may also be in the form of powder.

• Dosage: 2-6 drops 10ml
• Taste: light taste of vanilla at high doses
• Smell: light vanilla
• Associations: fruits, gourmet, tobacco, beverages.

Sucralose (sweetener)

Also known as “sweetener” sucralose is a synthetic sweetener developed from sucrose. Featuring a very important sweetening power, it differs from aspartame remaining stable under the effect of heat, which makes it much more suitable for use in e-liquid.
It adds a sweet touch to the preparations and softens the bitterness or acidity of certain flavors, its own taste is difficult to perceive. As its sweetening power is important, it needs to have a light hand so as not to get too sweet e-liquid.

• Dosage: 1 drop from up to 15 drops per 10 ml
• Taste: neutral
• Smell: neutral
• Associations: fruits, gourmet, tobacco, beverages


The ethyl maltol

On purely chemical, ethyl maltol is used in food industry as a flavor enhancer and in the cosmetic industry as a component of perfumes.
In the e-liquid, it gives a sweet taste like “cotton candy” with caramelized notes.
In association with a tobacco taste, it allows to round the dry side too. Its use is very similar to that of vanillin and both are quite usable sets.

• Dosage: 2-5 drops to 10ml to use as enhancer of flavor. Dosed stronger, it can trigger bitterness.
• Taste: sweet beard papa type
• Smell: sweet like caramel, praline or cooked fruit.
• Associations: fruits, gourmet, tobacco.

Acetyl pyrazine

Present naturally in foods as diverse as sesame seed, coffee and beef, acetyl pyrazine is a very typical additive that really upsets a recipe. Supposed to introduce a “roast” effect with popcorn or dried fruit nuances, this additive radically colored recipe, even at low dosage.
Acetyl pyrazine is a highly concentrated additive, used in many US brands of e-liquids like Halo Tribeca. It can reproduce a gourmet taste smoked. Some feel more like grilled hazelnut, others like notes of popcorn. Attention is a powerful aroma that can easily misrepresent your mixes. A therefore dosed with infinite caution if you just want a little typing the recipe. It fits in a greedy tobacco or possibly a gourmet recipe a little biscuit or caramel but not recommended for a fresh and fruity recipe.

• Dosage: 1-2 drops up to 10ml.
• Taste: roasted nuts, bread and leavened with nuance of popcorn and corn chips.
• Smell: smells like old socks, hay.
• Associations: tobacco, greedy.


Menthyl methyl lactate (koolada)

The koolada is a refreshing used in the food industry to replace menthol in this function. Indeed, the koolada has no particular taste, unlike menthol.
This is an additive that will allow you to find a fresh and tangy sensation in the mouth and throat (cold hit) similar to the mints, but without altering the taste of your liquid. It is also used to give freshness to a mixture. Very effective on mints or fruity aromas. The effect tends to fade over time until it disappears completely. That is why we choose to incorporate at the end of the maturation of a recipe and not the first assembly.

• Dosage: very flexible, this additive may well be dosed hard for a very cool effect (in 10 drops) or in small doses for a simple ice effect (2 to 3 drops).
• Taste: neutral
• Smell: neutral
• Associations: fruit, mint, drinks

The methyl cyclopentenolone

It is part of the additives on alcohol base. It has a rather fruity odor and woody and is used in the tobacco industry, in baking and pastry industry in the liquor industry and in cosmetics. It appears from the dry distillation of wood.

This is an additive that will help the vapors mix love the flavors together and create original recipes. Among you, who never found such flavor would go well with such flavor? But no luck, impossible to grant your fluid correctly, every time one of the flavorings used becomes dominant taste. The additive Methyl cyclopentenolone will help you balance the dominance of each flavor in your fluid. Give a small boost to a flavor too discreet and calm the ardor of the other more impetuous.

We strongly discourage the use of this additive with fruity flavors and / or menthol. This additive fits perfectly well with the tobacco revenue, softening it and making a woody note, a little like maple syrup. No special added taste, rather it is the texture that seems to evolve and the recipe becomes softer and more consistent.

• Dosage: 1-2 drops up to 10ml
• Smell: fruity, woody, nutty.
• Associations: tobacco


Malic acid (sour)

Malic acid or “sour” is an additive extracted from certain fruits such as apples, grapes and pears. It is closely related to citric acid which is present naturally in many foods. In winemaking, the reduction of malic acid is thus to bring a green wine to a finished wine.
Besides a slightly conservative because it brings a tangy effect to your e-liquid, an interesting example of Coke flavor or impart a pleasant acidity to certain fruits. The taste which is close to that of more sour sparkling sugar that is found on some candy. Used to overdose, acidity takes over the other flavors and becomes downright rude.

• Dosage: from 4 drops 10ml
• Taste: neutral
• Smell: neutral
• Associations: fruits, drinks


Menthol is an organic compound obtained either by synthesis or by extraction from the essential oil of peppermint or other mint essential oils.
This additive causes an intense feeling of freshness to taste minty. It can also be as crystals diluted in your preparation.

• Dosage: 1-5 drops 10ml


The massoia lactone (creamy)

The massoia is naturally in the sap of the tree of the same name and in the molasses extracted from sugarcane. This is a texture agent widely used in the food industry because it adds a “creamy” side.
In the e-liquid, he did the same and therefore adds a creamy texture to a preparation. It softens, becomes more “fat”, more “heavy” and takes a light pink appearance almost imperceptible. The smell also changes in very small proportions and seems to become less sharp, more diffuse and also more appetizing. One gains a long finish, a thicker texture steam and especially this reminiscence of the suction vapor that remains long on the palate. A very interesting additive will take its place in a gourmet or fruity recipe.

• Dosage: 1/2 to 2 drops per 10 ml
• Associations: fruits, gourmet

Furaneol (caramelic)

On this natural and original in this state in strawberries and other fruits, this additive is widely used in the food industry and the creation of perfumes.
In the e-liquid, it introduces a fruity and caramel shade. The smell of the mixture is directly affected by furaneol. Moreover, it is a rather sweet, rather fruity and delicious. The color of the mixture also changes because the color, usually transparent with other additives here becomes bright yellow. Note to taste that tobacco becomes sweeter and gets a nice sweet caramel flavor with many subtle nuances that are grafted to the base flavor, giving it a real blow to the complexity.

• Dosage: 1 to 2 drops per 10 ml
• Associations: tobacco


the tryméthylpyrazine

The tryméthylpyrazine is present in yeasts. Like all pyrazines, it is chemically similar benzene and has long been used in the tobacco industry and food industry. He brings a rather discreet nutty taste.
In the development of e-liquid, it makes sense to bring this note of dried fruit that are still found in Tribeca, for example. Less expansive than acetyl pyrazine, it brings a light shade of hazel. It was found that only lack flavor “presence” and subtlety in comparison. It seemed as indicated, given the lightness of his contribution, he could easily be introduced into gourmet recipes or even fruit.

• Associations: fruits, gourmet

The acetylpyridine

Extract of malt, acetylpyridine is widely used in food industry as a flavoring. It gives a popcorn effect quite marked and a malted effect. It is often used in beer.
In DIY, this additive is supposed to do the same and added a popcorn flavor but also a malt nuance to our preparations.
Its effect is quite close to that of tryméthylpyrazine a little stronger. In comparison, actually feels that the addition is “higher” in the range of sensations as tryméthylpyrazine. To be more explicit, imagine biting into a nut and a popcorn. The perception in the first case is broader in the mouth, more fragrant? In the second case, perception is more “pungent” more annoying while being friendly.
We feel the same with acetylpyridine in direct comparison with the tryméthylpyrazine.

• Associations: fruits, gourmet, tobacco, beverages.



Mainly used with tobacco, cinnamon will help to bring very interesting spice notes in your liquid. They are to be measured with great care for the taste of the spice does not take precedence over the major flavor of your preparation.

• Dosage: from 4 to drop 10ml


The pepper flavor is exactly what it seems: a powerful and aggressive aroma that will be used in very small quantities. Its main purpose is to raise the hit of e-liquid without nicotine. There are many varieties of peppers as the Bay of Jamaica and Capsicum.

• Dosage: 1/2 to 2 drops per 10 ml max
• Taste: pepper
• Smell: neutral
• Associations: tobacco, greedy.



Used for centuries for cooking, it is logical to find this spice in our e-liquid. Like cinnamon, it will be used as a traditional spice to flavor and enhance its preparations.
It can be used in sweetened compositions, coupled to vanilla for example but also on a tobacco base to obtain an effect close to some cigars. Indeed, it will add character to your recipes and report highlighting the dominant flavors.
For the assay is a matter of taste, but it is advisable to start with 2 drops
for base liquid 10ml.

• Dosage: from 2 to drop 10ml
• Associations: tobacco, greedy.


Nutmeg is used to accommodate shredded meats, soups, vegetable purees, cocktails and even some part of the composition of Coca-Cola. In the e-liquid, nutmeg adds a spicy note to your dishes.

• Dosage: 1 drop for 10ml



Spice lovers know well this intense and powerful additive, faithfully reproducing the flavors of this root is said aphrodisiac.
It is mainly used in small doses to meet your mixes a pungent spice notes, perfect in tobacco of all kinds, but also with some fruits like mango or pineapple.

• Associations: tobacco, fruit

DNB (Dirty Neutral Baza Flavour)

This is a rather special and very powerful additive which aims to bring the feeling of vapor e-cigarette that of cigarette smoke. Use only in conjunction almost a tobacco flavor and sparingly.

• Dosage: 1-2 drops per 10 ml maximum.
• Taste: Cold Ash
• Smell: cold ashes
• Associations: tobacco


The éthylguaiacol (smoky)

Extracted from the resin of Palo Santo, guaiacol used as medicines as antiseptic and in the food industry as a thickening giving a smoky taste and a thickness that could be called “caramelized” even if he is not taste of caramel.
It is used in the e-liquid to give aftertaste and a slight smoky aspect, tobacco aromas.
It provides no parasitic taste, just a rather obvious improvement of tobacco by getting more depth of flavor. We do not find a flavor adding “smoke” as such, but a perception of increased tobacco. Perfect on tobacco, it is also suitable for poli-flavor recipes.

• Dosage: 1/2 to 1 drop per 10 ml
• Associations: tobacco

The bitter wizard

It is a flavor enhancer that helps mitigate see neutralize the sweet taste of your flavors to make the whole more dry, bitter see if one puts too. It is often used for flavors like tobacco.

• Dosage: 2-4 drops per 10 ml, beyond it gives a bitter taste
• Associations: tobacco, fruits, gourmet


The sharp taste

Another somewhat apart as additive is in this case a balancer aromas. It will be used to balance the different flavors your recipe component to achieve a more uniform result.
For example, in the case of tobacco honey where the honey is clear too, the sharp taste will come soften to allow your tobacco notes out better. Its use is not recommended with the fruity and menthol aromas.

• Dosage: 1-3 drops per 10 ml
• Taste: cold pipe, slightly spicy taste / peppery groove
• Smell: pipe tobacco
• Associations: tobacco

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