E-Liquid Flavor Pairings For Vapers

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E-Liquid Flavor Pairings For Vapers

It has been shown that vaping is healthier than cigarettes and one of the many benefits of vaping is the opportunity to create your own combination of e-liquid flavors. This is the case of DIY.

This vape industry trend exists for a good reason: you save money, you control nicotine levels and you can creatively play with different combinations of flavors to create your e-liquid. Perhaps you can even invent a combination that no one has tried!

Whether for a new dish in the kitchen or for the preparation of a new e-liquid, the flavor is always the key. While it may be tempting to pick random combinations and hope everything goes well, your research will help make the e-juice DIY experience a lot easier for you. Before you start experimenting with flavor combinations, you need to know the basics of flavors and profiles that blend well together.

Jean Cloud Vape offers this array of matching e-liquid flavors to make your job easier. The table contains 32 basic flavors and all their flavor matching options. Some may seem improbable (grapefruit and caramel do not seem appealing at first), but they are proven associations that all consumers must try. Once you know exactly which flavors are getting married, you will have the opportunity to create your new favorite e-liquid.


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