/// F.A.Q


Every package that we ship utilizes Canada Post’s Age Verification service. This means that in order for Canada Post to hand over the package, you must verify that you are of legal smoking age in your province or state.

If Canada Post cannot verify your age, they will ship the items back to us and the order are non-refundable.

This is absolutely non-negotiable. If you are underage, please do not order items, you will lose money doing so.

ProvinceMinimum Age to Purchase
British Columbia19
New Brunswick19
Newfoundland and Labrador19
Nova Scotia19
Prince Edward Island19
Northwest Territories18

Our secure Paysafe payment system prevents card fraud. Beyond three unsuccessful attempts, the protection is set up and bans this method of payment for 24 hours.

There are many reasons for your payment failures, but in most cases it is a mailing address problem (your credit card was registered with your banking institution with an old address and not updated) .

In this case, either you update your personal information on your bank’s website, or please indicate this address on the Paysafe payment page.

If you have been debited, know that our bank does not accept the transfer and that yours considers it in transit. You must wait between 3 to 5 working days for the sum to be returned to your bank account automatically. You have nothing to do.

In your basket, enter your billing details: Name, address, email, etc. Then, select the Interac e-Transfer (EMT) option and place the order.

By doing that, you’ll receive an email. This email could land in your junk mails.

That email will provide you with the email and the answer for your secret question to use for the interac transfer. You must use that answer so we can accept the transfer. If the answer doesn’t match the one provided, the order won’t be prepared and deemed void.

Please note that the collection time can differ according to our availability at the time of your transfer.

It is also possible that your interac transfer is automatically accepted by our financial institution without that secret answer.

For the sake of targeting orders, please send us the exact sum of the order. No rounding.

Finally, you’ll receive another email confirming that your order is paid.

Shipping to Canada:

  • Orders containing e-liquids and materials may be deferred depending on available stocks. We will give you, asap, a tracking number.
  • Shipping fees include packing, handling, and mailing costs.
  • We care about the packing of your items. However, we can not be held liable for the damages caused by the carrier.
  • Deliveries are provided by Canada Post and include all available ranges of shipments.

Canada Posts

Estimated shipping times are affected by a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Your choice of delivery service (standard shipping, Xpresspost, etc.)
  • Your location (all orders are shipped from Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • The day of the order
  • Weather situation

Once your order has been processed, the postal service will provide you with an estimated shipping date. As this is an estimate, the check-in date may vary.

* Please note that JCV itself does not provide delivery services and depends on our email partners. For example, you can check the estimated Canada Post delivery times below:



Delivery Time:

  • Delivery times for Canada vary from 24 hours to 1 week depending on the distance from the province and the mode of shipping chosen.

Free Delivery:

  • We offer free shipping on orders  over $ 49.99 for all of Canada.
  • The free delivery is valid only below a total weight of the package (articles + packing) of 3 kilos.


We offer a 30 day warranty for batteries / mods & chargers from all manufacturers. This warranty is subject to the Terms and Conditions described below:

This warranty does not cover: (a) cosmetic damage; (b) damage caused by the use of products other than those purchased from Jean Cloud Vape; (c) damage caused by accident, abuse, liquid contact, fire or other external cause; (d) damage caused by a service performed by anyone who is not a representative of Jean Cloud Vape; (e) a product that has been modified to change functionality or capability or has been used with materials that are deemed inappropriate by law, at the discretion of Jean Cloud VapeJean Cloud Vape; (f) damage caused by normal or normal aging of the product;

Atomizers and Clearomizers / Tanks: Due to the nature of the consumables and the limited life expectancy of disposable electronic cigarettes, atomizer tanks, atomizer coils and cartomizers, we offer a Dead On Arrival Warranty ( DOA), if these do not work out of the box, we will replace them for free if you follow the instructions below. You may be asked to return all defective units with their original packaging and all components initially included for confirmation and to test the device for root causes.

Batteries and chargers: The warranty (supplier) for the kits and electronic cigarettes sold by JCV is 2 months. The Jean Cloud Vape warranty policy only covers defects that occur during normal use of the product and does not cover other defects / damages that are the result of (i) improper maintenance or modification; (ii) use with parts or equipment that are not provided by Jean Cloud Vape; (iii) operates outside product specifications; (iv) physical abuse or unauthorized modification or misuse; (v) electrical short circuits due to not keeping the wire connectors on atomizers, cartomizers, chargers and batteries clean and dry; or (vi) battery failure due to leaking fluid on the thread is not covered by the Jean Cloud Vape Warranty; or (vii) any battery where basic cleaning and sanitation standards are not maintained – it must be clean for our staff to handle and test the unit for a fault.

Herb Spray: Due to the typical use of grass / oil / wax sprays and applicable laws, they are all final sales and all / all applicable warranties must be addressed solely by the manufacture of the product. r. Please be sure to research the product and manufacturer’s warranty before committing to purchase and Jean Cloud Vape recommends that you keep your original purchase invoice for the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty period.

E-Liquid: E-liquids are not covered by the warranty due to their consumable nature. If you find that the juice tastes different from a previous batch, we can guarantee that our formulas do not change but some known reasons for the change in taste may include (i) if the date of manufacture is close to the current date , the juice may require more retting. Please shake well and leave in a dark place for a few days. (ii) If you have left the E-liquid in a hot zone or in direct sunlight, the heat may have affected the taste of E-liquid, especially if it contains nicotine (iii) If you have changed your type of Clearomizer, atomizer resistance or battery power, it may be the cause of nicotine reduction or increase of dose per puff, or overheated juice can change the flavor. Check the suggested power for the resistance of the atomizer and try at the lower end of the voltage range; (iv) A survey of 500 clients showed that the taste of e-liquid, as well as some food products, can change after quitting which can be explained as being caused by the restoration of the taste buds through reduction tobacco and other types of tobacco; (v) Nicotine may oxidize when exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time, resulting in a slight color change in the E-liquid and may also change the flavor slightly. We use dark colored bottles to combat this problem, but you can also avoid this physical change by simply storing your liquid in a dark drawer or place, dry at room temperature.

Disposables, We would like to inform you about important changes to our warranty policy regarding disposable products, including vaping disposables since 01/11/2023. Due to new regulations introduced by the Consumer Code (CRC) and the Excise Tax, our suppliers no longer accept returns of defective disposable products. These regulations strictly apply to stamped disposable products, and as a result, we can no longer provide replacements or refunds for such products in case of manufacturing defects or malfunctions.

Accessories: There is no warranty on accessories.

Clearance Products: All products on sale are on final sale and are not covered by the product warranty or return policy.

Discontinued Products: Discontinued products are no longer part of our replacement / warranty policy and take effect immediately upon discontinuance.

REFUND or CREDIT process for purchases made online not used on Jean Cloud Vape:
Send an email to SAV within seven days of receiving your email – [email protected] – Please include your reason for the return request as well as your order number or receipt, which clearly displays the products in question and the date.

Concerning the material, Please fill out the return form here.

We evaluate all products once we receive them from customers to ensure that the product (s) are in fact brand new and in a salable condition. Once we determine this, we will initiate the exchange, credit or refund to the original method of payment offered.

* NOTE * Returns on any order (excluding defective products) will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Due to the nature of shipping services, shipping charges on returned orders are not refundable.

Upon return, unclaimed orders, declined will be subject to a second shipping charge, in addition to a standard restocking fee of 10%.

Products that have been used in any capacity will not be refunded. Products returned to us without prior confirmation of JCV support will not be processed.

Refunds usually take up to 72 hours of processing work after the refund has been initiated and another five working days from when we receive your items.

Sometimes, it may happen that Canada Post or another carrier misplaces your package during delivery. This is why Jean Cloud Vape has an insurance system that guarantees you a refund in the event of loss during the transit of your package.

How it works ? :
For any purchase on our site, we guarantee you, automatically, transparently and free of charge, an insurance equivalent to 100 dollars. You have nothing to do.
In case your purchase exceeds 100 dollars, you can contribute with a surplus via this page. Insurance works in stages, choose the one that corresponds to your purchase volume.

In which case can I be reimbursed? :
When placing your order, if all the information relating to your geographical location is correct, then you are eligible for refunds for your order.

Will I be reimbursed in cash? :
Depending on the case (method of payment, etc.), we will refund your balance directly to your bank account, or you also have the option of being reimbursed through the allocation of a voucher via your JCV account.

In which case can I not benefit from this insurance? :
When your personal information about your location is incorrect.

Precisely, during the processing of your order, Jean Cloud Vape does not intervene manually in the taking of your postal information. The process being automated, you must ensure that your postal addresses are correct before any purchase.


Jean Cloud Vape would like to thank you for your loyalty, which is why we are implementing this reward system. The more active you are on the site, the more you will be rewarded!

Jean Cloud Vape has a reward system allowing you to earn points that can be converted into a voucher. 1 point equals $1 cent. These purchase points can be redeemed for cash, you can pay for your purchases in points up to $40 of the total of your order!

A summary of your earned points is available in your account dashboard. Acquired points are available for a period of one year from the date of acquisition.

Several types of action on our site are rewarded, here they are in detail:

1/ During a purchase:

  • For each purchase on the site, you earn a little more than 5% of the cost of the product, for example: a product that costs you $100 earns you 500 points, or $5.

2/ Get points!

  • Opening an account on the site automatically gives you 100 points.
  • For a product review, you earn 100 points. (one opinion per person and per product). The customer must have already purchased the product before to be able to benefit from the points during the evaluation.
  • Refer a friend: Get 100 points for each registered user by clicking on your referral link
  • Don’t miss your 200 point gift on your birthday! You can get 200 extra points on your birthday. Set your birthday in your profile and we’ll send you 200 points on that date. Add your date now!

3/ Objectives to achieve:

  • Earn extra points for the amount spent. When you have spent a total of $4000 in our store, you will earn an additional 1000 points!
  • Additional points for points collected. Reach a certain level and get more points! According to the pre-established scales, for example if you reach a threshold of 3001 points, you automatically receive 100 points. You can see the scales in your profile, My Points tab.

Terms and conditions

  • The site administrators reserve the right to change the point/monetary value ratio.
  • The site administrators reserve the right to administer the points earned by site users. By adding or removing points (ex: abuse of commenting, sharing, etc.)
  • Each comment must be approved by a moderator in order to receive its prize.
  • Maximum of 10 reviews/month for products.
  • Points are not retroactive in the case of a guest purchase.

/// MISC.

Nicotine is addictive. Its consumption is only allowed to adults.

We offer some products containing nicotine, see the highly concentrated nicotine.
The sale of products containing nicotine to minors is prohibited.

We recommend that pregnant women or lactating women and people with cardiovascular problems to use products without nicotine.

The electronic cigarette is not a drug and is not recognized by the Canadian Agency for Public Health as a substitute for tobacco.