What are E-liquids with boosted aromas?

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What are E-liquids with boosted aromas?

E-liquids with boosted aromas, what does it mean?

Many e-liquids now offered in our product catalog are labeled “boosted flavors”.
This mention means that the proportion of flavors in the liquid concerned is voluntarily increased.

For example if a liquid has a concentration of aromas of 20%; the same boosted product will then be proposed in a proportion of 15 to 25% of additional flavors.
Then simply add one (or more) nicotine booster to the liquid concerned to obtain a finished product in the nicotine level of your choice, while respecting the dosages originally imagined by the manufacturer.
Be aware, however, that most of these boosted liquids are intended to be vaped in about 3mg of nicotine. The risk is for those (and those) who would like a much higher rate of nicotine (6 or 12mg) too dilute the liquid and denature the latter.


Most of the liquids concerned (but not all!) By this mention are marketed within vials with a higher capacity, to facilitate handling for the consumer. All you have to do is add your booster directly to the e-liquid bottle and stir it vigorously for about 10 seconds to get your finished product.
You can also consult the heading bottles and bottles to make your mixtures in large capacity.

Good, but if I want to vape an e-liquid without nicotine?

First know that not all products are “boosted” in flavor.
Then, if your choice is on an e-liquid whose concentration in aromas is boosted, two choices are available to you:

  • Consume the product as it is if the overdose of the flavors does not bother you.
  • In case the concentration is too strong for your taste then you can dilute your e-liquid with neutral base without nicotine. The principle is then exactly the same as to obtain a nicotine product.
    Add for example 10ml of neutral base within a 50ml e-liquid and you will get 60ml of this same liquid in a proportion of more balanced aromas.

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