Order Tracking

To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.


Waiting for Payment: This status tells us that your payment is pending. For example, payments via Interac require a certain amount of time before being cashed.

Waiting for Interac Payment: The order has been placed, but the Interac (or electronic transfer) payment has not yet been received or processed. This indicates that the customer has chosen to pay for the order via Interac, but the payment has not yet been made or the payment verification process is underway. Until the payment is received and verified, the order will remain in this state, awaiting payment confirmation to be processed and shipped.

Payment Failed: Your order has been canceled for any reasons.

Paid: The payment has been successfully processed for an order. When the status of an order is marked as “Paid,” it typically means that the amount due has been received and accepted.

In preparation: your order has been paid and has been placed in order picking.
The order preparation time can be variable. If your order contains only DIY products, it will be processed more quickly.

Waiting for Restocking: The “Waiting for Restocking” status of an order means that the product(s) ordered is currently out of stock but is being restocked. This situation can occur when demand exceeds available supply or when a product is temporarily out of stock. In this case, the order is on hold until the necessary items are back in stock and available for processing and shipping.

Order shipped: your order has been processed and the Canada Post tracking number has been generated. Parcel pickup occurs late afternoon. Monitor the progress of your order delivery through Canada Post tracking.

Cancelled: Order canceled.

Contact Us: The “Contact Us” status informs the customer that they need to get in touch with us because there is an issue with the processing of their order. More specifically, this could pertain to a legal matter such as confirming the legal age of the individual or undergoing a credit card fraud check.

Refunded: The status “Refunded” indicates that a full or partial refund of the order has been issued to the customer. This occurs when the product(s) selected by the customer are unavailable for a long enough period of time to avoid making the customer wait.