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A Breeze 2 Blue from Aspire offered!

This week, for $ 200 bought, Jean Cloud Vape offers you a Breeze 2 from Aspire! * • For a total purchase of $ 200 CAD before taxes and shipping costs. • Blue Breeze 2 Kit. • Offer valid while stock lasts.

20% OFF Halloween 2018

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! From wednesday 31th to thursday 1th October included, come enjoy 20% OFF valid on flavors, concentrates and JCVLabs e-liquids. • Excluding products in promotions. • 1 coupon per person. • From a minimum purchase of $ 20.
Is A & L Ultimate Oni Concentrate right for you? Among the many manufacturers of French concentrates there are some that are no longer present and Aromes & Liquids is one of them. Indeed since 2012 the A & L brand offers us original aromas that always meet a great success! The Ultimate range Among
On this occasion, we offer you 15% off our site from Sunday, December 24, 2017 to Monday, January 1, 2018 with the code: SANTACLAUS Even during holidays, the JCV team will prepare and ship your orders. Take this opportunity to spend cozy time near the fire and discover new concentrates and e-liquids, and stay warm!

Black Friday 2017

black friday 2017
It is time to prepare your shopping carts, from Thursday 23rd at midnight to Friday 24th at midnight we switch to Black Friday discounts until Monday, November 27 at night! On the menu, 15% direct discount (excluding products on sale) + 10% of the value of your shopping cart in points of purchase. In total, this

Boosted Aromas e-Liquids

You may have realized that Jean Cloud Vape recently introduced e-liquids with boosted aromas from Europe and elsewhere. We are happy to offer our customers a selection of e-liquid that is not yet available in Canada, French brands such as Vape or DIY of Revolute and Vape Institute. As with the all concentrates, some brands
Welsh Custard Concentrate by Chefs Flavours Mix @20% per Chef’s Vapour. Will test SF at that, seems high, but all their recommended percentages are high so this brand may be on the weaker side? It has had really good reviews though. Percentage Used: 20% WOW! I know, but that was the percentage given for use by Chefs
Cloud’s of Lolo Onena Concentrate Review Laurent Cardon, the very prolific creator of concentrates of the Clouds of Lolo brand, launches into the war of lemon meringue pies with Onena. Closer to Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady than to Munchies, it offers a good meringue lemon pie. The acidity of the lemon is not too
Snake v2 Concentrate from Solubarome Review Solubarome is a well known company before its involvement in e-liquids because it provided food flavors to restaurants, bakeries and food chains. They have turned completely for 2 years to the vapor surprisingly, but still offer unusual contents: 58ml … I did not like what I had tasted a
Green Concentrate by Full Moon Attention, here is an incredibly good concentrate, the Full Moon Green! As much as I can tell you, I am very pleased to present it to you. Of Malaysian origin, it is the number one characteristic of my choice! Indeed, I have already been able to present you Malaysian liquids
“Better late than never” Jean Cloud Vape now distributes concentrate flavors from Quack’s Juice Factory. A palate that became tired of the same old custards that all seem to share exactly the same basic recipe ( 15% Capella Custard V1, 2% TFA Dulche de Leche , 1-2 drops Ethyl Maltol per 10ml finished juice ).
Corsicavap Concentrates Corsicavap is a brand of aroma a little different from the others, and it begins with its leader, Eva, a real atypical character. After some years of designing flavors for others, it is in 2014 that it takes the path of independence by creating its own concentrates. Because yes, you will find in this stall only