DIY Guide

Everything you need to know about DIY. Divided into chapters, the information in this guide is essential in order to understand and put into practice the DIY of e-liquid.

E-Liquid Flavor Pairings For Vapers

It has been shown that vaping is healthier than cigarettes and one of the many benefits of vaping is the opportunity to create your own combination of e-liquid flavors. This is the case of DIY.This vape industry trend exists for a good reason: you save money, you control nicotine levels and you can creatively play with different combinations of flavors to create your e-liquid. Perhaps you can even invent a combination that no one has tried!Whether for a new dish...

What are E-liquids with boosted aromas?

E-liquids with boosted aromas, what does it mean?

Many e-liquids now offered in our product catalog are labeled "boosted flavors". This mention means that the proportion of flavors in the liquid concerned is voluntarily increased.For example if a liquid has a concentration of aromas of 20%; the same boosted product will then be proposed in a proportion of 15 to 25% of additional flavors. Then simply add one (or more) nicotine booster to the liquid concerned to obtain a finished product in the...

Making your E-liquid

1. POUR YOUR FLAVORS If your recipe is composed of several flavors adjust the dosage. 2. DILUTE YOUR RECIPE Choose your type of PG/VG base and finish filling your bottle. 3. YOUR E-LIQUID IS READY! Let it rest a while before using, so that the flavor is revealed.


A ready-to-use base One or multiple flavour concentrates Optional: an additive (+/- sweet, +/- acid, balancing, candy effect...)


A large syringe (10 to 30 ml) for the bases A smaller syringe (1ml) for flavorings Plastic ir glass bottles (5ml / 10ml / 30ml) for your creations Latex gloves Goggles





The additives have been around a long time in the food industry but also in the tobacco industry, most often identified as "agents texture and flavor." They are numerous and can be either of natural origin and synthetic. Optional in the preparation of e-liquids, additives can improve or adjust the taste (enhance the taste of certain aromas, rounding the final e-liquid, to sweeten or to give it a fresh feeling ). However, it is recommended to start from the most simple...

The Aromas

The aromas

The concentrated flavors, natural or artificial, allow vaper with some pleasure and undisguised greed. These are mostly specific food flavorings in e-liquid. These are very concentrated so a very small amount is enough. One can use one or more in a mixture. There are for all tastes: fruit, tobacco, greedy flavor, etc. The proverb says "tastes and colors that can not be discussed" flavor loved by some is not necessarily the favorite of others. Some fumes will prefer...



The manufacture of e-liquid house begins with the purchase of a ready base for employment which will constitute 70 to 95% of your mixture. This is an e-liquid "neutral" (tasteless) with or without nicotine, to which must be added one or more concentrates and additives incidentally aromas. Two components are used in electronic cigarette to create the basis of your e-liquid: propylene glycol (abbreviated as PG) and vegetable glycerine (abbreviated VG). Either the database is already prepared as the 80PG / 20VG...


Nicotine levels

In the production of e-liquid, we do not work with pure nicotine, fortunately. It is already diluted in PG but is however difficult to handle. The bases are proposed with multiple nicotine levels: 0 mg / ml to 18 mg / ml or more (to be handled with extreme caution in this case). The rule when buying the highly concentrated nicotine PG is pre-diluted to systematically avoid incidents dosing or handling. It is advisable to use the same rates when...



Before starting the DIY, it is essential to acquire some equipment. If all are not essential, most greatly facilitate your task. • One or bases ready for use: The base is a neutral e-liquid, tasteless, the desired nicotine levels (taking the same rate as in your e-liquid purchases ready). The choice of base will determine the hit (sensation of the passage of steam in the throat), the taste and the texture and volume of steam. It is possible to buy separately a basis for...

What is the DIY ?

DIY, what is it?

The DIY  is an alternative mode of consumption which is to make its own e-liquid for electronic cigarette. E-liquid is called a liquid ready to be vape having a base Propylene Glycol (PG) and / or Vegetable Glycerin (VG), which may contain concentrated flavors, additives and possibly nicotine. Design its own e-liquid for the determination flavors to choose its base and nicotine levels to create a unique e-liquid and fully adapted to its way...