The Aromas

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The Aromas


The aromas

The concentrated flavors, natural or artificial, allow vaper with some pleasure and undisguised greed. These are mostly specific food flavorings in e-liquid. These are very concentrated so a very small amount is enough. One can use one or more in a mixture. There are for all tastes: fruit, tobacco, greedy flavor, etc.
The proverb says “tastes and colors that can not be discussed” flavor loved by some is not necessarily the favorite of others. Some fumes will prefer the fruity aromas, while others will turn to gourmet flavors typed or tobacco. With you to discover your favorite.

In this matter, there is no rule. Follow your preferences, your desires and dare to vary the recipes at your leisure. There are over one hundred different flavors. Whether mint, tobacco, strawberry, peach or sweet, you’ll find the flavor that suits you.

4 large families of aromas emerge:
• The tobacco flavors,
• menthol aromas,
• The delicious aromas,
• Aromas drinks.


A tip to start: start with a single flavor for preparation. If you do not know its flavors to be tasted alone, it is very difficult to make mixtures and often the mistake we made in the beginning. But it was not always the patience nor the financial means to make 40 bottles of single flavors to test purchases. It is possible to get an idea on the nose but an aroma that smells good does not necessarily mean it will taste once vape.

One way not to ruin is to dilute a few drops of aroma in a small amount of water (eg, 5 drops in 5 ml of water) and in the manner of a wine tasting, roll the mixture into his mouth and spit it out. This will give you a pretty good idea of the taste of the flavor and you still reproduce the same experimental setup, you will know very quickly if you are in front of a powerful or not your flavor and can adjust your dosage in recipe.

The flavors are very concentrated. But their concentrations vary the flavor and the manufacturer. Thus, for a quantity of base liquid given (Example 10 mL), 3 drops of a 16 aroma may be more than sufficient, while for another 10 drops will prove insufficient.
So how to know the right amount to put? This is not an exact science, experiments, personal experience, the manufacturer’s recommendations and reading forums (revenue, returns and notices) will help you control the dosage of your flavors.

Hint: use your sense of smell to get a first idea of the concentration.
When in doubt, always measure out your flavors minimum (1 or 2%, such is 3-8 drops to 10ml), you might be surprised by the power of certain flavors, and at worst you will only have to add if you find the taste too light after a first ripening 48 hours.
Do not try to make your first too complex recipes (more than 2 or 3 flavors) or in large quantities, you may ruin a maximum of ingredients. Beginnings are always a bit laborious, but progress is rapid and very significant.

There are two ways to meter flavorings:
• In many drops (depending on the flavor and brand, the number of drops differs)
• In% and thus milliliter. It takes an average of 10% flavors in e-liquid.
Each plug aroma product includes the number drops to put in 10ml
based. Know that 1 ml aroma is 30 drops. If you need 10% flavor in
based, so it will 10ml to 100ml, so 1ml aroma or 30 drops 10ml base.

Although food flavorings are considered safe when ingested, it is not totally know the list of component elements or the risks when inhaled. I

n addition, the composition of certain flavors are not suitable for the manufacture of e-liquids. Better to buy natural concentrated flavors dedicated to the electronic cigarette for sale on our dedicated online store.

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