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Before starting the DIY, it is essential to acquire some equipment.
If all are not essential, most greatly facilitate your task.


• One or bases ready for use: The base is a neutral e-liquid, tasteless, the desired nicotine levels (taking the same rate as in your e-liquid purchases ready). The choice of base will determine the hit (sensation of the passage of steam in the throat), the taste and the texture and volume of steam. It is possible to buy separately a basis for Vegetable Glycerin and another for Propylene Glycol choose the oneself the proportion of each of these two components in its preparation. It is also possible to choose a base already containing the PG and VG to a certain dosage (80PG / 20VG example).


• The concentrated flavors: There are over a hundred different flavors. The flavors will taste to liquid, for you to choose your favorite. At first, the easiest way is to add a single flavor for repair in order to know what exactly its purpose. Thereafter, you can do more complex preparations with two, three see four different flavors.


• Additives: Optional, the latter used to enhance the flavor of certain aromas, rounding the final e-liquid, to sweeten or to give it a feeling of freshness.


• Blank bottles of 10ml, 30ml and / or 50ml to store your preparations. The bottles UV cobalt blue or amber colored glass are preferable to PET plastic bottles because they can be cleaned without preserve the taste of the previous e-liquid. Also, their UV protection prevents the sun alter their taste.
If you use plastic bottles, do not change the recipe for a given bottle and do not use more than 4 to 5 times.


• 30ml of filling syringes, 10ml and 5ml for basic liquids PG and VG and optionally flavorings. Prefer glass syringes. They are a little more expensive but wash well and have a lifetime significantly higher than their plastic counterparts.


• A graduated Pasteur pipette 2 ml for very concentrated flavors


• A measuring cup or a beaker when using PG bases and separate VG. You must use a container that will be used solely for preparing your DIY. It should be in glass and washed with hot water, not in the dishwasher. You must rinse it with distilled water before use. Use a glass beaker with spout or a glass Erlenmeyer is a recommended alternative.


• A funnel to pour your bases to mix


• An electronic scale: Much more precise than any syringe, they will allow you to check the dosage of your mixture milliliter.


• Latex gloves to avoid contact with nicotine skin


• Protective goggles to protect any nicotine into your eyes


• Self-adhesive labels to attach to your bottles that would indicate their composition. You can also use a label maker.


• A small notebook or an Excel spreadsheet to record your income and dosages. We strongly advise to use it systematically to record your recipes and share them.

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