Oasis New Flavours

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Oasis New Flavours

The 3 new additions to the Oasis Collection from 12 Monkeys Vapor is now available for purchase!

These meticulously curated and exceptional fusions of bold, exotic, and tropical flavour profiles will be sure to take your taste buds on a journey to the 12M Oasis!

PASSION: Putting the PASSION in passion fruit. Taste a marvelous concoction of bright passion fruit notes beautifully blended with hints of juicy mangoes and mouth-watering bites of dragon fruit.
SANCTUARY: Relax your taste buds in a SANCTUARY filled with a delicious medley of ripe peaches and nectarines divinely crafted with delectable watermelon slices and fresh strawberries.
MIRAGE: Take your taste buds on a trip and wander through a MIRAGE of a fruity blend of mellow blueberries perfectly paired with tangy pineapples all the while supported by vibrant kiwi notes.


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