COVID-19 Information | Update 03/04/2020

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COVID-19 Information | Update 03/04/2020

A brief summary of the situation :

• The waiting time for processing your orders has not changed, We estimate it to be approximately one week. Please be patient.
• You can check the status of your orders directly on your JCV dashboard, or, for those who have placed orders in “Guest” with this tool.
• We can’t repeat it enough, please check your junkmail! Mail from JCV tends to be classified as spam by most mailboxes.
• Given the current unprecedented situation which has created increased online sales, our suppliers are also trying their best to keep up with demand in a timely fashion.

Despite the wait time, we would like to thank you all for your loyalty! Be sure that we doing our best to serve you as fast and as responsibily as possible.
Please hang tight at home and take care of yourself and your families!

The JCV team.

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