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The manufacture of e-liquid house begins with the purchase of a ready base for employment which will constitute 70 to 95% of your mixture. This is an e-liquid “neutral” (tasteless) with or without nicotine, to which must be added one or more concentrates and additives incidentally aromas.

Two components are used in electronic cigarette to create the basis of your e-liquid: propylene glycol (abbreviated as PG) and vegetable glycerine (abbreviated VG).
Either the database is already prepared as the 80PG / 20VG or 50pg / 50VG or takes a base of 100% PG and a base 100% VG for its own combinations. Some prefer the e-liquid manufacturing only with the PG. Others only use the VG. However, we note that the majority of vapors prefer to make their e-liquid mixing these two basic components.
Buy only base liquid PG VG and USP (United State Pharmacopeia), that is to say pharmaceutical quality.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol (abbreviated as PG) is used in the food industry as an emulsifier in sauces and seasonings or flavorings in liquid solvent. It is also used as a humectant and anti-mold in cosmetics. It is an alcoholic drink. It often replaces the glycerin as an excipient. It is used by the tobacco industry to the tune of 2.4% in Europe, to maintain moisture in traditional cigarettes.

It is also used in smoke machines in nightclubs and concerts. Toxicological data both ingestion than inhalation are well known and present no risk to the dosage used in the e-liquid.
In the context of use into an liquid, this database is the best flavor and was conductive to the top of the e-liquid single component producing steam. In combination with nicotine, the hit (the contraction of laryngeal sensation sought by smokers) is very well rendered. By cons, if the passing sensation in throat is present, the volume of steam generated is low. Also, its use can be problematic on some atomizers and cause leakage due to its low viscosity.
The PG dehydrated and much vaper 100% PG involves much drinking to offset some drying sensation.


The Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin or glycerol (abbreviated VG) is in the form of a transparent liquid, viscous, colorless, odorless, non-toxic and sweet taste. It is widely used in pharmaceutical preparations: syrups against cough, elixirs and expectorants, toothpaste and mouthwashes.

Used in e-liquids that basis produced a lot of steam and simulates fine traditional cigarette smoke. The steam produced is dense and tends to dissipate slowly in the air. It alters against a little flavoring in softening (sweetness) and the hit is limited. Used in large proportions, it can distort the flavor. relatively viscous, vegetable glycerin dirty faster resistance atomizers.

Also note that pure glycerin heated above 150 ° C generates acrolein, a substance that is found in the real cigarette smoke and known to be toxic and potentially carcinogenic. But as our e-cigarettes heat to about 60 ° C is no danger.

Choose PG / VG ratio

You can make your own mix from these two bases and enjoy the benefits of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin of. You can also buy directly from pre-dosed mixtures, which is recommended for beginners.

• The 80PG / 20VG: this is the most consummate blend in France since democratized by many French e-liquid brands and adapted to atomizers market standards. The small amount of VG lets not clog too quickly small leger résistances.Le intake vegetable glycerin helps offset the lack of steam and drying aspect of PG.

• The 70PG / 60PG or 30VG / 40VG: it is a good compromise for both generous and hit a proper vapor without much resistance foul.

• The 50pg / 50VG: this mix is for many the ideal vapors report, bringing together the best of both bases. Good conduction flavors, satisfying hit, generous steam.

• The 30pg / or 70VG 20PG / 80VG: it is the most currently used ratio by users rebuildable.

• The 100% VG: this is a popular choice of some of rebuildable atomizer users. Unfortunately, this mixture makes a significant viscosity rapidly deteriorating resistance, even the biggest and alters the flavor.

The ideal mixture there may be, or not. Each will have their own preferences. 100% VG mixture or PG / VG, it is practice makes perfect. Some tests allow you to find your happiness. Referring back to testimonials, a mix with a higher proportion of the VG take home however confirmed vapors (40/60 to 20/80).

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