We have good news!

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We have good news!

Our activities as of May 19, 2020:

⦁ We have caught up with the tsunami of orders!
⦁ For the few orders that remain, we expect that they will be shipped this week, Friday at the latest.
⦁ We now estimate processing times from 48 hours to a week, maximum. Excluding those that we do not have in stock.

In summary, the situation should return to normal by the weekend (probably before).

Please note that Canada Post shipping times are also affected by the current upheaval of the economy. It is not sytematic, but from what we see, there is a bottleneck in Ottawa.

As well, we should be more responsive regaring customer service issues this week than we have been in the last weeks. Please note that we will be in touch with you directly by phone if there is an item that you have ordered that is not currently in stock.
We are aware that some of you have been disappointed (new and old customers) and we apologize. The sudden astronomical increase in sales caught us all by surprise. As explainted in previous communications, the revamping of logistics required to keep up were complicated for multiple reasons.

For those of you who have continued to support us despite these inconveniences we would like to sincerely thank you for your understanding and kindness. It is thanks to you that we continue to push forward and adapt.

The JCV team.

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