The new Art of Vapor Nic Salts has arrived!

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The new Art of Vapor Nic Salts has arrived!


Art of Vapor e-liquids are now available in nicotine salts! These e liquids are a good alternative for smokers who want to use the electronic cigarette to quit smoking. Nicotine salts are, in fact, more effective than traditional nicotine and provide a satisfaction comparable to that offered by a conventional cigarette.

E-liquids to stop smoking more easily

The Art of Vapor range is, for the moment, three e-liquids with nicotine salts with fruity and greedy flavors. If you want an e-liquid that tastes like lemonade, you’ll have to turn to Pink lemonade. If you are looking for even more fruity tastes, we recommend the strawberry pineapple e-liquid or the Blue Raspberry eliquid. Whether you are a heavy smoker or a small smoker, you will inevitably find a Art of Vapor liquid made for you. Other flavors will be proposed soon to widen the choice of ejuice.

E-liquids made in Canada

Looking for Canadian liquids? This is the case of the Art of Vapor range from JCVLabs.

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