JCV Points

Jean Cloud Vape would like to thank you for your loyalty, which is why we are implementing this reward system. The more active you are on the site, the more you will be rewarded!

Jean Cloud Vape has a reward system allowing you to earn points that can be converted into a voucher. 1 point equals $1 cent. These purchase points can be redeemed for cash, you can pay for your purchases in points up to $40 of the total of your order!

A summary of your earned points is available in your account dashboard. Acquired points are available for a period of one year from the date of acquisition.

Several types of action on our site are rewarded, here they are in detail:

1/ During a purchase:

  • For each purchase on the site, you earn a little more than 5% of the cost of the product, for example: a product that costs you $100 earns you 500 points, or $5.

2/ Get points!

  • Opening an account on the site automatically gives you 100 points.
  • For a product review, you earn 100 points. (one opinion per person and per product). The customer must have already purchased the product before to be able to benefit from the points during the evaluation.
  • Refer a friend: Get 100 points for each registered user by clicking on your referral link
  • Don’t miss your 200 point gift on your birthday! You can get 200 extra points on your birthday. Set your birthday in your profile and we’ll send you 200 points on that date. Add your date now!

3/ Objectives to achieve:

  • Earn extra points for the amount spent. When you have spent a total of $4000 in our store, you will earn an additional 1000 points!
  • Additional points for points collected. Reach a certain level and get more points! According to the pre-established scales, for example if you reach a threshold of 3001 points, you automatically receive 100 points. You can see the scales in your profile, My Points tab.

Terms and conditions

  • The site administrators reserve the right to change the point/monetary value ratio.
  • The site administrators reserve the right to administer the points earned by site users. By adding or removing points (ex: abuse of commenting, sharing, etc.)
  • Each comment must be approved by a moderator in order to receive its prize.
  • Maximum of 10 reviews/month for products.
  • Points are not retroactive in the case of a guest purchase.