Atopack Penguin kit by Joyetech


Atopack Penguin kit by Joyetech


The Atopack Penguin is an Electronic Cigarette of the latest generation, which will please experienced vapers for the quality of vape, and for beginners in search of an easy model which is less bulky. The Atopack Penguin has a very ergonomic line, JVIC Coils in 0.25 ohm and 0.60 ohm to correspond with your type of vape. The Atopack Penguin also has a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery and a 8.8ml reservoir which is easily replaceable if you wish to change your e-liquid. The Atopack Penguin offers total liberty depending on your preferences.

The Atopack Penguin is made by Joyetech.

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The Atopack Penguin is the coolest and simple e-cig of the moment! Joyetech proposes a vaping device which has been crafted with design, quality vape and autonomy gracious to the integrated 2000mAh battery, and most of all the removable reservoir which can hold up to 8.8ml in e-liquid. The Atopack Penguin has new protected coils with a ceramic armor and an aeration system which protects the e-cigarette from any leaking of e-liquid. In short, A MUST !


The Design

The Atopack Penguin has an original design and a very sympathetic line. A line which brings excellent ergonomics to this electronic cigarette of the latest generation. This e-cig which is very compact sits comfortably in the palm of your hand and can be carried anywhere. The Atopack Penguin has a rechargeable battery and a cartridge containing the coil and reservoir for the e-liquid.

 Atopack Cartridge

The cartridge of the Atopack Penguin is removeable and allows you to fill the 8.8ml reservoir with e-liquid of your choice. An enormous capacity to have perfect autonomy. The cartridge Atopack equally allows you to install the JVIC Coil., The cartridge which is removeable, allows you to easily install another cartridge containing different e-liquid. All in conserving your JVIC Coil. The cartridges is made in PETG and Silicone in quality food grades and are non-toxic.

 JVIC Coils

This new JVIC Coil (Juice Vertical Injection Coil) is entirely designed by The Atopack Penguin. Available in 2 versions, it allows you to vape close enough to your needs: Direct Inhaling (DL) Indirect Inhaling (MTL). The JVIC Coils have a unique design with a horizontal position and nourishment of e-liquid from the top. Finally, the coils have a ceramic armor to isolate the fiber and e-liquid of strong heat and ameliorate the rendering the flavours.The Atopack Penguin is available in:

  • JVIC1, 0.60 ohm coil, to be used in Indirect Inhaling (MTL).
  • JVIC2, 0.25 ohm coil, to be used in Direct Inhaling (DL) and for the production of vapor


A Simple Exemplary

With the Atopack Penguin there is no need for settings, press on the start button and vape. The LEDS are positioned at the front to indicate the charging level via USB. This battery has excellent capacity of 2000mAh and can be recharged via the USB Cable. The Atopack Penguin has a charge capacity of 2A and a full charge can last up to 2 hours.

Features of the Atopack Penguin :

Dimensions 27x52x103mm Weight 139.5 g
Capacity 2000 mAh Maximum Power 50 watts
Maximum Charge 2A Capacity 8.8 ml

The Atopack Penguin is made Joyetech.

  • Unclip the Coil of the Atopack Penguin
  • Fill the reservoir via the Operculum
  • Install the JVIC Coil in the placement

NB : The JVIC Coils MUST be soaked with e-liquid before the first utilisation

Changing the JVIC Coil of the Atopack Penguin

  • Remove the protection of the Atopack Cartridge with the first utilisation
  • Install the coil in the placement after you have soaked the coil with few droplets of e-liquid
  • The Atopack Penguin is ready to vape!

The Atopack Penguin is delivered with:

  • 1 Penguin Battery
  • 1 Atopack Clearomiser
  • 1 JVIC1 0.60 ohm Coil
  • 1 JVIC2 0.25 ohm Coil
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Notice

Additional information

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