The King by King’s Crown E-liquids

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The King by King’s Crown E-liquids

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The King’s e-liquid is a clever mix of custard, generous peanut butter and some light spice notes. King’s Crown e-liquids are made in the USA.

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Bold and powerful, yet sophisticated and compassionate, The King is the embodiment of what we all want our ruler to be.  He is a complicated man, but well-balanced, with no one aspect of his personality outshining the rest.  He reminds some of a peanut butter cookie, while others find him more savory.  Truth be told, you’ll have to stand in His Majesty’s glory and decide for yourself.

E-liquid with boosted flavors containing 50 mL of base. It is recommended to mix The King e-liquid with a 20 mg / mL booster (not supplied) directly into the vial to prepare a 60 mL solution with a nicotine level of 3.33 mg / mL.

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