Blueberry Watermelon Cuvie Slick 6000 Disposable by HQD


Flavour profile: Blueberry Watermelon


Flavour profile: Blueberry Watermelon

The HQD cuvie slick is a leak-proof disposable vape device that delivers up to 6000 puffs of satisfying and convenient vaping. It has a sleek and slim design, made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy, that fits comfortably in your hand or pocket. It comes with a 15ml prefilled oil cartridge that features a leak-proof design and a variety of flavors to choose from. It also has an innovative mesh coil that produces smooth and flavorful vapor with every draw. The HQD cuvie slick is the perfect choice for vapers who value style, performance, and convenience.


  • Salt Nic: 20mg/mL
  • Up to 6000 Puffs
  • Liquid Volume: 15mL
  • 1400mAh Battery
  • Mesh Coil Technology
  • Smart Chip-set
  • 9 Watts

Package content:

  • 1x HQD Cuvie Slick Disposable Vape Stick – 6000 Puffs – 15mL

Additional information

Weight0.120 kg
Dimensions4 × 4 × 12 cm


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