Concentrate Flan De Pudding by CustoMixed

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Concentrate Flan De Pudding by CustoMixed

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Let yourself be carried away by this greedy mixture made by the famous Philippine brand CustoMixed.

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Let yourself be carried away by this greedy mixture made by the famous Philippine brand CustoMixed.

You will find a perfect mix between a melting custard and a creamy cheesecake, all enhanced by intense scents and sweet notes. It is after this first gourmet moment that you will distinguish a powerful custard with vanilla and a delicate touch of brown sugar.

The Pudding Flan by CustoMixed is a reference in gourmet concentrate. Inspired by the 2 best-sellers of the brand Flan De Queso and Custard Pudding, you will discover an alliance of flavors metered to perfection, for a moment of unforgettable gluttony.

Flan De Pudding Concentrate is manufactured by CustoMixed in the Philippines. Pudding Flan is available in a 10 ml size in a fine-tipped bottle, which will allow you to simply make your e-liquid e-liquids DIY.

Mix the Pudding Flan Concentrate with a PG / VG base to obtain a juice for e-cigs. Flan De Pudding flavoring is 15% for 50/50 PG / VG and 20% for 100% VG.

Attention, the Pudding Flan should not be used directly in your electronic cigarette, it must be diluted in a PG / VG base to form an e-liquid e-cig.

  • Capacity: 10ml
  • Flavor : Complex
  • Fresh / Mint : No
  • Dosage in drop : 75 drops/ 10 ml
  • Dosage in % from : 15%
  • Origin : Philippines




  • This product is not advised for pregnant woman. While vaping products contain fewer harmful chemicals than cigarettes, they may still contain nicotine. Talk to your health care provider about your options of quitting nicotine during pregnancy.


  • The illustrations and images on this page product are not contractual, the appearance of the products presented may vary.
  • Canadian orders do not ship with exterior box pictured and artwork may be altered for S5 compliance.


  • On Thursday February 6, 2020, the United States banned flavored cartridge electronic cigarettes (ENDS) (other than tobacco or menthol). In addition, the United States has also raised the purchase age for tobacco products to 21 years. In conclusion, no shipments containing pre-filled pods will be sent to the United States.

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