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The Cherry Up is indeed the expression of a large glass of cherry cola with a sparkling, fruity, and tangy side. Succulent!

Warning! This is concentrated flavor to dilute in base.


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The cola has its followers and Lolo has understood this by simmering this soda with fruity accents with a result close to perfection.

The Cherry Up is indeed the expression of a large glass of cherry cola with a sparkling, fruity, and tangy side. Succulent!

The Cherry Up is a concentrated aroma made in France by Cloud’s of Lolo. It is made from aromas and propylene glycol and you dilute it to 15% in a 50/50 base to make e-liquid for electronic cigarettes.

It will be available in 10ml vials with a fine tip and a child safety cap.

Usage tips :

Recommended dosage for Cherry Up: Be careful not to overdose, start with recommended dosage.
15% in 50/50
17% in 30/70
20% in 100% VG.

Make your e-liquid:


A ready-to-use base
One or more concentrated flavors.
Optional: an additive (+/- sweet, +/- acid, balancing, candy effect …).


A large syringe of 10 to 30 ml for the base.
A smaller one for the flavors of 1ml.
Plastic or glass bottles of 5ml / 10ml / 30ml to make your preparations
Latex gloves
Protective goggles

The preparation :

Using a syringe or a pipette, fill an empty bottle with your ready-to-use base (to make 10ml of e-liquid: put 8ml base, the remaining 2ml will be Flavors and additives).
The base containing nicotine should be handled with great care. We recommend using latex gloves and goggles for maximum safety.
Shake your flavor bottles before use.
Add a few drops of flavor (s) (see dosage recommendations on product sheet).
Optional: add one or more additives.
Shake vigorously for 10 to 20 seconds and let rest to ripen aromas.
Wash your hands again, clean your equipment and your work plan.
Write down your recipe for later recipe or transmit it.

Ripening :

Maturation is an unavoidable step, it is the period that corresponds to the development of the flavors of an e-liquid preparation. Indeed the aroma does not express itself immediately, it is necessary to count:

A minimum of 15 days or even weeks for tobacco flavors.
A minimum of 48 hours for the others.

For optimum results, the vial should be shaken well after preparation and a little every day to diffuse the aroma.

It should also be noted that the maturation time differs according to the base used. The higher the vegetable glycerine content, the longer the ripening time.

The tasting:

Once the maturation phase is complete, your e-liquid is ready to be tasted. If you find the flavor rendering too light you can add a few drops of aromas and let it rest for 48 hours minimum. On the contrary if your liquid is too strong you can dilute it by adding the base.

Too dosed = dilute: add base.
Not enough dosed = add a few drops of aroma

Advice :

Start with a single flavor before considering blends of several flavors.
For additives (optional), keep in proportions of 1 to 3% of your base liquid mixture + concentrated flavor (s), the additives being generally very powerful.
Label your preparations (aroma (s), dosage, nicotine level, date of production).
Make your new recipes in 10 ml vials, but in small quantities (5 ml) to allow for flavor or base readjustments.
Do not neglect the maturation phase. To reduce the waiting time, you can add 1 or 2 drops of white vinegar to the preparation or leave the bottle “open” a few hours a day, stirring occasionally to promote oxidation

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