Concentrate Don Cristo XO by PGVG Labs


Concentrate Don Cristo XO by PGVG Labs

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The famous Cuban classic flavor and its caramel trait!

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Concentrated Don Cristo XO, the famous Cuban classic award winning Vapexpo is back in a version embellished with a hint of greed as it is revealed, now, under a stunning caramel dress!

Discover or rediscover a unique vape, both full of character and authenticity, with a robust and deliciously captivating Cuban classic. A recipe that expresses this original classic flavor with great flexibility, delicacy and balance. A mixture that is no longer present to fans of the genre that is enriched now with a caramel trait gourmand to bring a roundness in the mouth simply addictive.

The legend lives on with a Cuban classic with unique notes. An intense and surprising recipe that adds some touches of caramel to form an absolutely tasty whole. Let yourself be surprised by the Don Cristo XO and the Canadian Masters of PGVG Labs, a real success and a must for lovers of the genre!

Don Cristo XO is a concentrated flavor made in Canada by PGVG Labs. It allows DIY e-liquid to be made by diluting it from 20% in a 50/50 ratio PG / VG base.

Available in 30ml vial of Chubby Gorilla type with child safety and end cap to facilitate the preparation of your e liquid DIY.

Be careful, this is a concentrated flavor that should not be consumed as is. It must be diluted to a PG / VG base of your choice before being used with your electronic cigarette.


  • Contenance 30ml
  • Arôme Complexe
  • Fresh / Menthol No
  • Dosage in drops to … 100 drops / 10 ml
  • Dosage in% from … 20%
  • Origine Canada




  • This product is not advised for pregnant woman. While vaping products contain fewer harmful chemicals than cigarettes, they may still contain nicotine. Talk to your health care provider about your options of quitting nicotine during pregnancy.


  • The illustrations and images on this page product are not contractual, the appearance of the products presented may vary.
  • Canadian orders do not ship with exterior box pictured and artwork may be altered for S5 compliance.


  • On Thursday February 6, 2020, the United States banned flavored cartridge electronic cigarettes (ENDS) (other than tobacco or menthol). In addition, the United States has also raised the purchase age for tobacco products to 21 years. In conclusion, no shipments containing pre-filled pods will be sent to the United States.

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