Inhale Herbal Rolling Filler by Meo Marley’s


Meo Marley’s Inhale Herbal Smoking Blend is our most neutral and discreet flavored product from our selection of food-grade herbal blends.

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Like Tonic is to Gin, but for your favorite legal herb(s)!

Meo Marley’s Inhale Herbal Smoking Blend is our most neutral and discreet flavored product from our selection of food-grade herbal blends. Mix our smokable herbs with the Green of your choice to save money, better control their active effects or simply roll it on its own like herbal cigarettes as a natural tobacco alternative!

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Does not contain any THC/CBD/Nicotine/Flavoring

Inhale Herbal Smoking Blend  :

  • Pre-ground to perfection, just add it to your mix and roll!
  • Burns slowly and equally.
  • Made of 100% natural and ethically sourced ingredients.
  • Stem-free fluffy texture.
  • Smooth sensation, neutral aroma and taste profile.
  • Does not contain any THC/CBD/Nicotine/Flavoring.

Meant to smooth out & complement any expensive herb you mix it with, without masking or overwhelming it!

Ingredients & Process:

At Meo Marley’s we grind each individual dried ingredient to the perfect consistency and assemble them following our Master Blender’s signature mix. The smokable herbs are then packaged in vacuum sealed eco-friendly reusable packaging and sent your your way.

This herbal smoking mix is a hand-crafted herbal rolling filler that consists of 4 natural ingredients (Mullein, Marjoram, Uva Ursi, Moringa). Each of those ingredients has a rich history in traditional healing culture & natural medicine in many cultures throughout the world. 

What our Product are not :

You can consult detailed information on our website about what herbs are smokable and the legal status of herbal smoking blends in your country.

  • Therapeutic in any effect or intent directly or indirectly whatsoever.
  • Psychoactive plants or alternatives to psychoactive plants.
  • Cannabis alternatives, marijuana alternatives, often called legal high or herbal smoke.
  • Synthetic Cannabinoids like Kratom, K2 or Spice commonly called Fake Weed.
  • Tobacco cessation therapy or any type of quit smoking cigarettes program.
  • Meant to be mixed with any legal or illegal drug.
  • Safe to use for people under 18 years old, pregnant or with any health condition where smoking may be risky.
  • Good for your body (any type of smoking is bad mmmkay, see Surgeon General Warning‘s).

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  • You must be 18 or of legal age in your jurisdiction. Provinces and territories have various provisions to regulate electronic cigarettes and other vaping products. More info here.


  • This product is not recommended for pregnant women. Although vaping products contain fewer harmful chemicals than cigarettes, they can still contain nicotine. Talk to your healthcare professional about your options for quitting smoking during pregnancy.


  • The illustrations and images on this product page are not contractual, the appearance of the products presented may vary.
  • Canadian orders do not ship with the outer box shown and illustrations may be modified for S5 compliance.


  • On Thursday, February 6, 2020, the United States banned Flavored Cartridge Electronic Cigarettes (ENDS) (other than tobacco or menthol). In addition, the United States has also raised the age for purchasing tobacco products to 21. In conclusion, no shipment containing pre-filled PODs will be sent to the United States.

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