Author - Dany

Aqua Series, refreshing taste up for grabs!

With it’s refreshing taste and deep complexity, the Aqua series offer a great vaping experience. Aqua is known for fusing delightful fruit flavors which will please your taste buds. The choice is impressive and we’re convinced you’ll find the perfect blend.60 mL goes from $24.99 to $19.99 30 mL Salts goes from $19.99 to $16.99The promotion will be effective until August 11th excluded.

The beloved Naked 100 Series – Discounted!

One of our best sellers is now available at a discounted price.The top-notch Naked 100 series has a wide variety of fruity and icy flavors. If you like e-liquids with real fruit flavors, this might be the one to try. Choosing one is not hard, pick a fruit you like and you won't be disappointed, it's that simple with that brand.60 mL goes from $23.99 to $19.99 30 mL Salts go from $16.99 to $13.99The promotion will be effective until August 1 excluded.